About the Earth Sea Star shop

This website is an extension of Earth Sea Star, a compendium of nature writing based on the ancient and unique landscapes of Western Australia. I don’t see myself as a photographer – I’m a writer with a camera out looking for stories of place. Based in Margaret River, I am always out exploring country and find caves, coast and forest an endless source of inspiration.

For me, photography is all about connecting with country. I like to slow down and really get a feel for a place, so that an image is really a visual representation of a story or moment in space and time. For this reason, you won’t see any heavy editing – every image is an authentic snapshot. No replacement skies or brushing out of sticks here!

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The search for connection is my incentive to travel, but it isn’t just about flitting over the surface hunting for images for social media or for sale. Sharing my vision of country is my way of advocating for a deeper understanding of place, and hopefully, for action in preserving it for the future.

I hold a BSc (hons) in Anthropology from the University of Western Australia and a BA in Professional Writing and Publishing from Curtin. I’m currently working through an MA in Creative writing from Macquarie University.